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Basem Emara

Mobile, Web, & Backend

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React • Node • AI • Web3 • iOS

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Technical JEDI
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Experience working with teams of product engineers with backgrounds from Apple, Coinbase, Tesla, Uber, Google, and more to build & launch top-class digital products for startups & Fortune 500's.

Backend Maestro

Architecting robust and scalable server-side solutions and SaaS products using NestJS and Postgres. Specializing in crafting efficient APIs and services that power dynamic and responsive applications.

Frontend Virtuoso

Creating stunning, fast-loading web experiences by combining the power of Next.js, React, and Tailwind CSS. Expertise in SSR and SSG for SEO-friendly and visually appealing interfaces with TypeScript safety.

Mobile Architect

Building seamless and performant mobile applications with React Native, with a keen focus on iOS excellence. Delivering smooth, native-like experiences with the flexibility of cross-platform across all devices.

Security Expert

Implementing NextAuth or Passport for secure and scalable authentication solutions in Node applications. Ensuring the highest level of security practices, from user authentication, data protection, and multi-tenancy.

ML Integrator

Leveraging machine learning and computer vision technologies to create intelligent systems that interpret and act on data, harnessing AI to bridge the gap between theoretical models and real-world applications.

Blockchain Wizard

Crafting secure and efficient smart contracts using Solidity, enabling transparent and trustless transactions in the blockchain ecosystem. Pioneering decentralized solutions with precision and innovation.

Basem Emara

Full-Stack Engineer



Proven leader; seasoned engineer with several years crafting web and mobile applications, as well as data solutions for startups and major enterprises in retail, finance, healthcare, & energy sectors with a focus on clean, scalable code and a meticulous attention to detail.

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  • Software Engineer

    Hike Medical
  • Web3 Engineer

  • Mobile Engineer

    Lazer Technologies
  • Principal Consultant

  • Software Engineer


Delivered Projects For:

AdidasLyftBlockchain.comScotiabankT-MobileLoblawsShellGovernment of Canada

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What People I've Worked With Say

It's been exceedingly rare to work with individuals who are simultaneously thoughtful problem solvers, hard working, and can work and communicate well within a team. Basem not only checked all these boxes, but also brought a genuine passion and commitment to the work that we were doing, making it easy for us to trust and depend on him... I consider myself lucky to have worked together on the same team, and I am confident that he will have an immediate impact on any team he joins next.
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Former ConsenSys Director

Incredibly hard working... thoughtful in how he approaches problems, extremely attentive to detail, driven by the desire to learn and teach, caring about the products he helps build, and a constant source of positive morale for the team. I could keep going, but the bottom line is that Basem is someone that can be trusted to deliver time and time again. 10x engineers are few and far between. Basem is one of them and I guarantee you will only wish you hired him sooner.
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CTO & Co-Founder

Doing over saying - That's one of Basem's mottos and I can vouch for it. While the rest of us are stuck in analysis paralysis, he's the one leading us into action. He has proven over the past couple of years that he is one of the few people who can always be counted on to deliver. More over, he not only practices what he preaches, but he also teaches what he preaches...
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Principal Consultant

Spearheaded the architecture for a complex project. We definitely became better programmers after working with him. I was amazed of his ability to lead the team by example and get people on board with ideas, even others who were working with completely different technologies. Basem's rare mix of productivity and ambition set a great example for the rest of the team and was an asset to the organization.
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Software Engineer



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My mission is to bring visions to life through code.